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Transportation cost Miami to Trinidad:
Weight Lb. Charge US$
1 lb. US$4.90
2 lbs. US$8.20
3 lbs. US$11.20
4 lbs. US$14.00
5 lbs. US$16.80
6 lbs. US$19.50
7 lbs. US$22.20
8 lbs. US$24.90
9 lbs. US$27.60
10 lbs. US$30.30
11 lbs. US$32.80
12 lbs. US$35.30
13 lbs. US$37.80
14 lbs. US$40.30
15 lbs. US$42.80
Additional lb. up to 51 lb. US$ 2.30 per lb 
From 52  lb. to 99 lb. USD$2.30 per lb.
Shipments over 100 lb. USD$2.30 per lb.
Fuel surcharge of transportation charges-minimim US$0.70 x lb.
Estimated transportation cost, visit our online Calculator.
Additional to freight and fuel the following charges are applicable:
Insurance charge of US$1.00 for every US$100.00 declared product value.
Minimum US$ $1.00
Goverment fee per entry / TUF- Transaction User Fee: US$6.00 per shipment (Standard fee from customs)
Customs clearance handling fee per shipment: US$3.00
Free Home delivery 
Additional Warehouse Fees: A US$4.00 daily fee applies only when a package is left ready for pickup at counter for more than 5 business days.

No Delivery options for security and safety reasons
Laventille Diego Martin Morvant St. James Cocorite
Block 22 Duke street East Beetan Gardens Dundoland Hill Powder Magazine
Eatern Quarry Picardilly Steet East Caladonia Niles Street Water Hole Cocorite
John John / Picton   Chinapoo Upper Bournes Road  
CUSTOMS DUTY we give you a list reference of the applicable Custom Duties on various goods  
All Clothing 20% 15%
Shoes / Walking / Casual 20% 15%
Digital Cameras 20% 15%
Vitamins & Food Supplements 20% 15%
Toys 20% 15%
Furniture 20% 15%
Appliances 20% 15%
Cellular Phones and Accessories 20% 15%
Speakers 20% 15%
Ipods / Musical Storage Devices 20% 15%
Dvds 20% 15%
Cosmetics 20% 15%
Video Games 20% 15%
CDs 30% 15%
Car Parts 30% 15%
Jewelry 30% 15%
Watches 30% 15%
Costume Jewelry 30% 15%
Blank DVDs & CDs FREE 15%
Fax and Line Modems FREE 15%
Hand Held Tools FREE 15%
Computer Tower FREE 15%
Mother Boards FREE 15%
Processors FREE 15%
Ethernet Hub FREE 15%
Ink Cartridges FREE 15%
Printer (Not 3 in one Machines) FREE 15%
Computer Parts FREE 15%
Hand Tools FREE 15%
Printer Cartridge FREE 15%
Plumbing FREE 15%
Computer Systems FREE FREE
Musical Equipment 10% 15%
Electronics 20% 15%

Disclaimer: Please note that these amounts are subject to change upon final assessment by the country Customs and Excise Department. All effort will be however be made to ensure that the most current rates are applied to the values received.

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