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Transportation cost Miami to Barbados:
1 lb. US$6.00 5 lbs. US$23.80 9 lbs. US$39.40 13 lbs. US$55.40
2 lbs. US$11.00 6 lbs. US$27.80 10 lbs. US$43.40 14 lbs. US$59.40
3 lbs. US$15.50 7 lbs. US$31.40 11 lbs. US$47.40 15 lbs. US$63.40
4 lbs. US$19.80 8 lbs. US$35.40 12 lbs. US$51.40  
Each additional lb. US$ 4.00 per lb.

Estimated transportation cost, visit our online Calculator.
Additional to freight the following charges are applicable:
Insurance charge of US$1.00 for every US$100.00 declared product value.
Minimum US$ 2.00
Handling Fee : US$9.50 per AirwayBill
PFD Declaration (Processing Fee Declaration / Government Fee): US$0.00 per shipment (standard fee from customs)
Local delivery upon request - Extra charge will apply

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